“Glasses are the most important accessory”

It was founded in 2011 by the famous optician Arif Demir from Istanbul.

He started to make his first designs with the motto “Glasses are the most important accessory”. These designs, in which Antrefle Coated and light-colored gradient glasses are in the foreground, attracted great attention from society life and celebrities.

Allowing you to use sunglasses comfortably indoors,
These designs, which started a trend in Turkey with their light-colored glasses that show bright colors, were branded under the name of SAUREN EYEWEAR in 2015 with the intense demand of users and the wishes of other opticians in Turkey. SAUREN EYEWEAR, which was selected among the top 50 eyewear brands in the world at the Paris Silmo international eyewear fair in 2017, with its wide collection of acetate, metal and titanium designs and includes more than 30 models, and was deemed worthy of an award in the Luxury category, is in Turkey’s most distinguished opticians with 48 points. is offered for sale.